Skilled workforce, experience and quality

The company “BomBeton d.o.o.” from Cetinje was founded in 1992 by two civil engineer graduates.

The company operates as an engineering company, which today consists of several architects and engineers of various professions. The company headquarters is located in Cetinje and the offices are in Podgorica.

Within the company, there is also an exhibition and sales facility for interior decorations of “Oikos” from Italy and a facility for the production of PVC and aluminum locksmiths for residential and commercial buildings.

The company currently employs several civil engineer graduates, architects, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, several construction technicians, etc. Depending on capacity utilization and contracted work, the company employs skilled part-time workforce, and engages services of specialized firms for certain types of work.

The company has several trucks, dump trucks, concrete mixers, vans, compressors, cranes, facade scaffolds, supports, formwork and other numerous construction equipment.